Colleen Palmer
$5.00 - $15.00

Crow and the Eternal Night - Graphic Novel

Crow in her first journey!

An undead apocalypse has set our world in chaos. No man or animal is safe from this plague, and humanity's solution only adds to the undead's ever-growing numbers. Enter Crow - our avian hero - who courageously volunteers to journey, find, and speak with ancient creatures who devour the undead. On discovering they feast only under the blanket of complete darkness, Crow must find a way to stop the Moon from shining for one night to save our world.

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Book Specs:
8.5"x11" Book
Black and White Interior pages

Physical copy - A physical copy of Crow and the Eternal Night to add to your personal book shelf.

Digital copy - A pdf digital edition of Crow and the Eternal Night. This will be emailed to you for download after you make your purchase.


Content Notes: Crow and the Eternal Night is solid dark fantasy with skeletons, gods and monsters, but no over-the-top gore/violence or nsfw content.

Trigger warnings: Violence, Zombies, Ornithophobia


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